Sunday, February 17, 2008

Multiplayer and interfacing with other software

I have planned to add multiplayer to Tower Simulator. It will work over system link, which means a bunch of computers connected via Local Area Network (LAN), or over the internet. This would allow more than one person with a copy of Tower Simulator to man different positions, such as Clearance Delivery, Ground, and different Tower positions (in big airports it is common to separate the workload between two or more Tower positions, each with a distinct frequency).

That will be really cool, but another option I plan to implement is interfacing with Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS). I have not looked into it yet, but I am pretty sure it can be done without much fuss. Tower Simulator would look at the airplane being flown in MSFS and try to do a best match, based on the aircraft that will be available. Communications will happen over a voice channel.

Another cool interaction could be done with ATCSimulator, which is in version 2 at the moment. This simulator covers the enroute, approach, and departure part of the ATC business, and would be a great complement to Tower Simulator. I have not talked to the author yet, and don't plan to until much later in my own development, but it's definitely a goal.


Rutger said...

This would be really cool! It would be really nice to play with other people :D Keep up the good work and looking forward to your sim.


Miguez said...

Hi Rutger,

Thanks for stopping by and supporting the sim, seeing people excited definitely gets me going a little harder!