Sunday, April 27, 2008

New airport being considered

As you have probably noticed from the poll on this site, there were some major airports I was considering including in Tower Simulator. After watching a very well-done documentary on Van Nuys, this airport became a very strong candidate, perhaps even number one!

This airport has everything to make a tower simulation interesting. Beautiful scenery with some pretty high terrain close by, varied traffic (small pistons, flight training, business jets, news helicopters). OK, there are no airlines, but we can fix that by having another airport in this release. Not to mention it is the world's third busiest general aviation airport, as well as the 25th busiest among all world airports, with 1,200 operations per day. That should keep everyone pretty busy :).

Another interesting point is its proximity to LAX and Burbank, which means lots of coordinating between the three facilities. This would allow me to develop the intra-airport communication system that I have been thinking about including. This, of course, exists in real life, and I think adds a lot to a controller's responsibilities and overall perception of realism.

It's tower is pretty interesting looking too, and should be fun to model.

If you have some words on this idea, leave me a comment.


Anonymous said...

Van Nuys would be nice, but if it delays release date, then forget it or use in add-on packages in the future. I would like to see add-on packages including additional airports such as KBOS, KJFK, KLAX, etc, etc. Add-ons would keep interest up for a long time as well as bring in additional customers. I would rather see this than the long delays of BAO Tower. Those delays, due to other reasons, probably turned people away from the product. Anyway, here's hoping to a new Tower Simulator released soon with additional airports and other features included in add-ons in the future. Thanks in advance for creating a new tower sim!!
Tower Fan

Miguez said...

Hi Tower Fan,

Add-ons is a really good way, as you point out, to both minimize delays and keep people interested. Realistically, I am not close to a release yet, and had not started working on any particular airport, so choosing Van Nuys as the default (or first) airport won't cause delays.

Thanks for the itnerest!