Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bell 412

I know, a little boxy here and there.  Just saving polys.  After all, everyone wants high frames per second, right?


Rutger said...

It looks awesome, The blocky part is barely noticeble.

And a (late) little comment on youre planning: Please make sure you do the motion part right, cause in Wilco's Tower Simulator it is far from realistic. And it would be a shame if this happened to your great project.

Can you tell me with which programs you are making/planning to make all this(graphics, code, etc.)? Because I also would like to learn how I can do this.

Miguez said...

Hi Rutger,

Thanks for the comments! It's nice to see someone following the progress :). This blog (and maybe me too) has been feeling a little lonely lately :):):)

I use XNA to code the actual game, and modo to model the 3D stuff. I will eventually make a post with more details on how I am making this simulator.

Rutger said...

Hey Miguez, thanks for the post. I will try to comment a little more to make youre blog (you) feel a little less lonely ;)

And I'm looking forward to that post with the details.