Friday, December 28, 2007

My legs are fine!

Hard to believe, but I have survived both downhill as well as cross country ski without getting hurt! That's not to say my body doesn't hurt.

I am going back home today, getting back in the swing of things. I got up really early this morning and spent a couple of hours getting to know Shawn. I am really impressed with his background, but even more impressed by the amount of posts he has written, as well as samples in the XNA Creators Club. His expertise is incredible (he's of MotoGP fame), but even better, it seems he writes exactly about the things I want to know of. I think I have become addicted to his blog.

I heard of Shawn when he responded (in less than 15 minutes) to my first post in the XNA Creator's Club forum. I am having issues running some of the samples posted there, and Shawn is trying to help.

It will be nice to get back home and start doing a little more coding and modelling. I am also going to start planning exactly what road the development will take, with target milestones, not as much as dates, but as acomplishments.

I am liking XNA more and more.