Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Charged particle precipitation

I guess they could have chosen this title as their company name, but Electric Rain sounds a lot cooler. I have been super busy at work, creating a pretty important presentation for this Thursday. Instead of the beat-to-the-ground PowerPoint approach, I decided to branch off into the unknown and try Eletric Rain's StandOut. It's still in beta, but it's very cool. It's a presentation software (don't let them catch you calling it a "slide" presentation, in their workflow, slides don't exist) that kicks butt, done completely in WPF. Can you say sharp? Yep, you can, and you should, for that's how everything will look.

The learning curve can be somewhat steep, but by using Blend to build the DLL components you then integrate into layouts, which are the bits you can make a presentation from, you can rock in no time. You're only bound by your creative spirit on this one. Awesome.

Back to work. And more coffee.