Saturday, January 5, 2008

Interface thoughts

As I sit at EWR airport, on my way to LIT, the thought struck me if I should have a completely 3D interface or if the 3D stuff should run in a window inside a bigger WinForm.

Some of the pros/cons that come to mind are:

3D Interface

This to me is by far the more immersive environment, where you have the outside world as well as the inside of the tower all rendered in 3D. In this case, the user would have to "walk" around in the tower floor to go see different computer screens, to look at different areas of the airport, etc. This also means the input interface would have to be built a little more robust that with the other alternative being discussed here, which could extend the development time a bit, when coupled to actually building the inside of the tower and making it interactive.


This would definitelly allow a faster development, as a lot of the information being displayed to the user (such as flight strips) could simply be done via buttons, list boxes, etc.

I am undecided right now and think will be for some time. A decision does not need to be made soon, as I am still coming to grips with XNA and game logic.

Let's keep thinking.