Saturday, January 5, 2008

Cool tutorials

In my never-ending search for more information, I bumped into a couple of tutorial sites that are excellent for XNA. CampElmXNA has tutorials on both C# and XNA. Riemer has been known for his DirectX tutorials, and now has a very extensive series (substitute "a very extensive" for "60"!) of XNA tutorials. Nice job guys!

By the way, Riemer's explanation of what is XNA was a breath of fresh air. Perhaps for people involved with it for some time the following statement is obvious, but it took me some time before I figured this out:

Released in December 2006, XNA is intended to push the ease of game programming to the extreme. XNA is new wrapper around native DirectX. As development on a new version of Managed DirectX has been cancelled, XNA can be thought of as the new version of Managed DirectX.


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